On Friday, January 11th, 2012, several members of the Kegel’s Produce team volunteered their time at the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association food stand inside the PA Farm Show. Throughout the week, the PVGA food stand provides over 3,000 blooming onions, 10,000 strawberry smoothies, and 4,000 pounds of broccoli salad to Farm Show patrons. With the help of 120+ volunteers, this is the primary fundraiser for the organization. Events like this give the PVGA the ability to help businesses such as Kegel’s Produce promote vegetables grown inside the Keystone State. Below are a few pictures of the Kegel’s Produce team at this year’s event.

Sales team members (L to R) Lee Salsbury, Josh Dougherty and Ben Burchfield man the Fried Vegetable Stand

Sales team member Andrea Faust prepping a Bloomin' Onion

Sales team members (L to R) Carl Gundrum, Phil Havrilla and Vice President of Operations John Groft work at the PVGA during the afternoon

For more information on the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association, please visit their website by clicking here.