In celebration of our 65th Anniversary, Kegel’s Produce hosted an open house on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013. The event, consisting of product tastings, cooking demonstrations, vendor exhibits and facility tours, was attended by over 300 guests at our East Hemphield Township facility. Please scroll through our photos below to see highlights of the event:

Kegel’s Produce featured their own labeled boxes of Spring Mix at the 65th Anniversary Open House.

The lobby of our facility, which displays many items, picures and newspaper articles dating the history of Kegel’s Produce.

Kegel’s Produce Sales Manager Ben Burchfield takes the first tour of the day through our facility.

Alan Massenburg, Dawnne Monka and Andrea Faust (left to right) each spent parts of their day greeting guests upon arrival.

Kegel’s Produce do-it-all man Kosta Kambouroglos cooks up Chicken Stir-Fry for the luncheon.

A pan of Cauliflower Fried Rice, a dish served up by Ann Fulton of the Fountain Avenue Kitchen. For a copy of this recipe, please click here.

A finished pan of Chicken Stir Fry, made complete with Stir-Fry Blend from our Fresh-Cut Department.

Ann Fulton working on her dish in the kitchen area of the Produce Playground. For more info on how you can use our kitchen, please click here.

Ann Fulton giving guests a cooking demonstration in the Produce Playground.

A creation of our Fresh-Cut Department, these trees made of pineapples and palm leaves featured fruit kabobs, one of the many items available on our Open House buffet.

Kegel’s Produce Fresh-Cut Department manager Nao Trinh stands behind a table highlighting some of our pre-cut products. More info on these items can be found by clicking here.

A stop on our tours, these fruit trays are being prepped for stock by our Fresh-Cut employees. Once done, these trays are a great item for parties, cookouts or even business meetings.

VP of Operations John Groft, Adam Kramer, COO Kenny Myers and Josh Blanton (left to right) together at our Open House. Adam (Chicago office) and Josh (Atlanta office) represented Produce Alliance at our event.

Another guest of our event was Bobby Banana, seen here with a tour group outside our banana rooms. Bobby makes all the big events at Kegel’s Produce.

COO Kenny Myers, President Sue Myers and VP of Operations John Groft (left to right) at our Open House. The event was a great opprotunity to everyone to network and meet people who had not visited Kegel’s Produce before.

Donated by PacificPro Sales and the Washington Apple Commission, this display of apples was a crowd-pleaser at our event. Guests were encouraged to take print materials, many different varieties of apples, and even sign up to win an iPod Nano couresty of PacificPro.

Don Martin from Lipman Produce talks to guests in the exhibition hall. Don’s company provides Kegel’s Produce fresh tomatoes from New Jersey all year long.

John (Bo) Smith in front of our 65th Anniversary banner. Bo has been working at Kegel’s Produe for 52 years, seeing many transformations our business has made.

Sauder’s Eggs from nearby Lititz, Pa. brought these special-stamped eggs to the Open House. Thank you very much for showing this unique item.

Kegel’s Produce team member Nick Celia chats with a representative from Caputo Brothers Creamery in Spring Grove, Pa.

Administrative Assistants Kelly Stuttler (left) and Dawnne Monka (right) were a key part of organizing and coordinating all of the events at our Open House.

Gerry Horn (left) along with Josh Blanton and Adam Kramer or Produce Alliance work together to purchase the highest-quality lettuces and potatoes everyday.

Kegel’s Produce team members Carl Gundrum, Gerry Horn, Nao Tring, Alan Massenburg and Lee Salsbury (left to right) at our Open House.

Driver Josh Ackerman returns from a delivery route. Guests who went on tours of our building got to see every aspect of our operation, from order to delivery. Give us a call today to find out what we mean when we say Fresh is Best!

All of us here at Kegel’s Produce would like to thank all of those who attended, without our valued customers non of this would be possible. If you did not attend and would like a tour of our facility, please contact your produce consultant and we can get you a behind-the-scenes look.

Thank you for your continued support of Kegel’s Produce

Fresh is Best!